Finned Tube

Finned Tube

A design feature and an efficient heat source for large rooms, or to guard against cold downdraughts beside large window panels.


With an expression that can be raw and rustic or beautifully integrated into the architecture through the choice of colours and installation, finned tubes are ideal for all kinds of renovation projects and in new property - from industrial and agricultural complexes to offices and public buildings.


Finned tubes can be used individually or in groups, and can be mounted in a wide variety of different ways on walls, floors or ceilings.


The heat output is optimised through carefully calculated relations between the individual elements. Finned Tubes can also come as curved tubes, when the architecture involves curving facades or vaulted ceilings



Finned Tube Brochure

Finned Tube Technical Catalogue

Finned Tube Data Sheet


Excel file to calculate heat output


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