Radiators & Convectors

Radiators & Convectors - Type C, T, TF and TX

MEINERTZ Convectors and Radiators Discreet and elegant design solutions for the wall or floor. The minimalist and compact expression is emphasised by convector fronts with horizontal lines. Available with or without integrated top grille.


Large heat output and great flexibility in choice of height, depth and length. Also available as special models with integrated legs or built-in thermostat valve. The TF series are probably the most elegant plan radiators on the market. These plan radiators are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation, thanks to their beautifully simple design. The TF series is based on the T series design, but the front panel is non-water-bearing, and consequently does not become hot. The plan radiator is easy to clean, and has a large heat output. It is ideal for kindergartens and other places where people may come into close proximity with the radiators.